Full Size Printed Plan semi‑scale profile control line stunter F 82 B Twin Mustang


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No materials. Plan only

F 82 B Twin Mustang

Pure excitement is the keynote of this fine semi‑scale profile control line stunter of the famous time and distance record‑holder of the late fifties!

Full Size Printed Plan on a 36" x 50" sheet

Four page article of notes and photos

Semi-Scale  1:10

Profile control line

Wingspan 62

Wing Are 800 Sq. in.

Engines Two .35


    The overall proportions are suited for good flying performance, and its appearance is stand‑off

   This is the first Control Line model I have built in about 10 years. During that time I have been concentrating on R/C design and competition flying in all events, but after deciding to do some Control Line flying again, I wanted to scratch build an interesting project. It was to be fully acrobatic, profile construction for simplicity, large and twin‑engined to be different. The P‑82 fills the bill in all respects.


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