Full Size Printed Plan Scale 1/32 Admiralty 75' M.F.V fishing boat suitable for radio control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

Admiralty 75' M.F.V

Full Size Printed Plans on Two Sheets 30” x 24”

Five Page building illustrations & Photo No Building notes for experienced builders

Scale 1/32

Length 28 1/2"

Beam 7 3/8"

Suitable for Radio Control

by P. N. Thomas

Details of the 75ft M FV are that they had a 160 bhp Lister diesel engine giving a speed of 81/2 knots with an endurance of 1700 miles or 2700 miles with extra fuel tanks installed in the hold. The crew numbered 9 including the skipper. The model of the 75ft MFV will weigh just under 8lb on a draught of 31/2 in aft but can weigh up to 9lb (carrying a full cargo in her hold)  

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