Full Size Printed Plan to build a Scale U.S.S. Evarts Destroyer Escort Suitable for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

Reproduced Vintage Plans From 1959

U.S.S. Evarts DE 5

 Destroyer Escort Evarts Class

Full Size Printed Plan on Two 56” x 24” Sheets

Ten page article  Building Notes, Photos

Scale 5/32=1 foot

Length 45"

Beam 5 5/8"

Power Electric

Radio Control

You will have to update electric motors and radio control

By S. Calhoun Smith

  Our model, scaled at 5/32" to the foot, is 45" long with a beam of 5 5/8". She was developed from 1/16"- scale drawings produced by E. H. Wiswesser, Mt. Penn., Pa. Numerous photos and the Revell "Buckley" aided in providing. additional detail. Scale fans should have a ball building the many small details that add up to a pretty imposing model when finished.

  The model has no lack of performance either! The two big Pittman motors drive DES at a good clip one motor would be adequate if you did not wish the expense of two motors and batteries.

  Our original model had simple rudder only R/C installation however, there is ample room for more RjC equipment. We do not advise the addition of too much more weight since the model rides at the correct water line level as is. You might use smaller motors and one bat­tery and add the difference in battery weight in R/C equipment. Like any long slender hulled model the DE has a fairly large turn radius and heels over realis­tically in a turn. It will not spin on a dime like most short stumpy models.

  Though World War II naval history proudly records the names and deeds of many big carriers and battleships, a tough unpublicized war was fought by many, many smaller craft. Among these were the destroyer escorts. Smaller and more lightly armed than regular destroyers the DE's primary duties were to escort convoys and combat submarines. In the early days of World War II convoys enroute to England suffered heavy losses from U - boat torpedoes. There simply weren't enough corvettes, frigates and sub-chasers to afford pro­tection from submarine wolf-packs. In an attempt to gain advantage of the situation the destroyer escort design was prepared to Admiralty specifications and 97 ships were built in 1941-1942. The first fifty ships were built with land lease funds and 32 were used by the Royal Navy; the U.S. Navy used 65 ships.    These first Evarts class DE's came to be known as the "short hull type" since they were superseded in 1943 by the Buckley class DE which was 19' longer and carried more armament.

   The Evarts class length was 289' 5", beam 35' and draft 10'. Displacement was 1360 tons loaded. Power was diesel electric, 6000 hp; speed 20 knots. Armament comprised three 3" 50 cal. guns, one 40mm quad or twin, nine 20 mm A.A. guns and depth charges. Crew numbered 200 men. The little DE is now just a part of naval history since six United Kingdom ships were lost and the rest were scrapped after World War II. Two ships were given to China in 1945.

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