Great Lakes Freighter 1:10 Scale 45" Full Size Printed Plans for Radio Control


Great Lake Freighter
Scale 1/10" = 1ft
Length 45”
Beam 5”
Power Electric
Radio Control

FULL SIZE Plans on a SHEET 48” x 24”

Robert W. Nelson teams up with neighbor modeler Cal Smith to bring you this for requested type for D.C. power and R/C
Although not as glamorous as a big ocean liner or an impressive as a battleship~ the Great Lakes freighter is one of the most distinctive vessels afloat As ice free eight months operating season and a need for rapid loading and unloading dictate the design of the Lake freighters.
These ships are built as large as canal locks will permit and since most lake cargo in bulk freight such as ore. grain, coal or cement many hatches are cut into the long box like hull Special equipment on docks and, aboard some ships utilize conveyor belts and large clarmshell buckets for speedy loading and unload
Our model is of a sedate Great Laker built in the early 1900s. Typical of this steam powered class of ship, she is scaled at about 1/10” to the ft. Model length is 45" and beam is 5'. Size of prototype would be: length 450' and beam 50'. Because the Lake freighter is nearly as deep as it is wide some departure from wale hull depth has been made to eliminate the need for a large amount of ballast This modified shallow bottom hull was made just large enough to accommodate storage battery and Pitt motor. There is ample room for simple rudder control R/C equipment and batteries. The model video well in the water and although no speed demon she moves along in a manner suited to the prototype, maneuvering easily.

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