Full size printed plan to build a Italian-designed cabin cruiser Scale 5/8"=1ft 35" for radio control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

FULL SIZE PLANS PRINTED ON 50” x 24”, 52” x 24” & 40” x 24” Sheets


SCALE 5/8” = 1’
Introducing a lovely Italian-designed cabin cruiser step-by-step building notes
AN eye for line appears to be a more frequently encountered characteristic in
Italy than in many countries, as witness, for example, the predominance of Italian body stylists in the car world. When we first saw the drawings of Tarpon, we were immediately taken by her sleek "rightness" providing the most outstanding model
To a scale of 5/8 in. - 1 ft., Tarpon is a model of an ocean going cruiser, virtually a small motor yacht. She is typical of the many boats one often sees in those envy provoking pictures of harbour scenes on the French and Italian Rivieras, and it needs little imagination to envisage her slipping from, say, Cannes to Monaco for an hour or two in the casino. Leaving the romance aside, however, let's get down to a practical consideration of what is involved in building her. The entire structure throughout is simple and straightforward and uses easily available materials. Lime is specified for much of the model; lime and poplar are probably the two most common modelling timbers on the Continent, but are not-so easy to come by elsewhere. For such parts we have substituted spruce, though mahogany, obechi, etc., would prove excellent. Yellow pine, the best, is so rarely available that we have" given up specifying it.
The remaining timber needed is ply in various common thicknesses, and this offers no difficulty. All the "hardware" can be obtained through manufacturers for builders lacking facilities for home construction, and there is a wide choice of suitable power plants.
Although, obviously, Tarpon will appeal to many experienced builders, the model is within the scope of the less experienced if care and patience are exercised, and for this reason we shall provide building notes in order to set anyone who has not planked a hull off on the right foot.

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