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MG.TD sport car

Here's a flashy 12‑Inch scale model of one of the most popular foreign sport cars on the road

Full size printed plan on a 24" x 19" Sheet

Seven Pages article with history build notes and photos (not all shown)

SCALE 1:12 (1'=1ft)



by Walter A. Musciano

   THIS low slung sport car is one of the most popular foreign cars on American roads today. This new model, called Series TD, has been Americanized slightly over the previous models (disc wheels, curved fenders, large bumpers, and more comfortable riding). However, it has lost none of its distinction in appearance or performance. Acceleration and speed are high and it can negotiate sharp turns at high speeds with safety.

   Many MG Midgets are used for racing in Europe. The twin carburetors, 4 cylinder engine develops 54 bhp at 5,200 rpm. Weight of the car is 2,009 lbs. and fuel capacity is 121/2 Imperial gallons, enough for about 300 miles of driving. No tank gauge is supplied, however a light on the dash panel illuminates when fuel is down to 21/2 gallons. The two main instruments on the dash panel are speedometer and tachometer. With four speeds forward and one reverse this English road hugger lives up to its slogan of "Safety‑Fast."

 Our model Is simple to build and is also easy on the pocketbook.

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