Full size printed plan Scale 1:12 JAGUAR XK 120 miniature of the British speedster.


Full size printed plan and article

No material, Plans only


Got a yen for a Jag? For pennies instead of pounds you can have a miniature of the British speedster.

Full Size plan on a 32" x 22" sheet 32lb bond

Six pages of building notes and photos

Scale 1:12

Length 14 1/2”                

Width 5”

Power electric motor

By Herbert Pfister

   THE Jaguar XK 120 England's super sports car­ comes as close to flying as anything that rides the ground. With twin overhead camshafts, it can top 125 m.p.h. or amble through traffic like a baby carriage; it can rocket from rest to 100 m.p.h. in less than half a minute and it can brake to a fast skid­ free, road hugging stop. The jag two seater has set sports car performance records, and yet it is famous for its smooth comfortable ride.

   It takes about $4,000 to buy this package of streamlined dynamite, but you don't need money or even a lot of modeling skill to enjoy a carbon copy. Pictured here is an accurate scale model that also has a simplified running gear that lets you see the jag in action. It is easy to make this model because you do 90 percent of the carving with a saw

   The drawings on the following pages show the steps by which you build up the body and chassis. For the details of trim and finish, you can improvise from parts on hand. The steering wheel is an example. Instead of shopping around for a ready made wheel, I used a four spoke clock gear. I dropped a blob of solder on the hub, chucked the wheel in an electric drill, and turned the solder against a file to form a round, smooth horn button. To complete the wheel I slit open a length of fine radio spaghetti" and cemented it around

   Electric power plant is simple and inexpensive but has a lot of pep. Toggle switch, front and center in the driver's compartment, takes the place of real car's gearshift lever.

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