Full size printed plan Scale 1:20 FIREBIRD XP 21 JETEX 50 MOTOR Or Convert to Electric


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Two balsa blocks, four wheels, scrap balsa and wire, a Jetex 50 and augmenter tube result, this fast, exciting, and accurate scale jet car

Full Size plan on a 11" x 17" sheet 32lb bond

Four pages of building notes and photos

Scale 1:20




Convert to Electric

  a little juggling with scales produced the fact that a 1/20 scale model would exactly fit the augmenter tube sold for the Jetex 50 and, further, that a scale hatch would enable adequate motor access, so that the model could be an exact facsimile of the full‑size car, externally at least.

   THIS interesting gas turbine single‑seater experimental car was first shown to the public at the 1954 American Motorama Exhibition, and subsequently was on view in the Paris Salon later in the year. Designed by General Motors and powered with a turbine similar to that used in the F4D Skyray, it* was first tested at Phoenix in the Arizona desert in 1953. Sundry modifications were made to the prototype, notably alterations to the, horizontal stabilizing devices as first runs showed a lack of ground adhesion.

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