Full size printed plan Scale 1:24 Nibbio II speed records for Class J Power Jetex or convert to electric


Full size printed plan and article

No material, Plans only

Nibbio II

Full Size plan on a 11" x 17" sheet 32lb bond

Four pages of building notes and photos

Length almost 8”

Power Jetex or convert to electric


EARLY in 1956 Count "Johnny" Lurani announced his intention of attacking the speed records for Class J small capacity cars A special car of very striking appearance was built for the task, it was Nibbio H. The chassis was built by Volpini and the very modem styled body by Ghia. The power unit was a 350 c.c. Guzzi, placed flat in the chassis with the cylinder facing forward, the transmission was by chain. In June, 1956, the car was taken out on the Monza high speed track and driven by Messrs. Lurani, Campanella and Poggio, and set the Class J 3‑hour record at 81‑61 m.p.h. The very modem styling of the car together with very large orifice in the tail, installed to remove the cooling air from the engine, give the car the appearance of being jet propelled and so the author has built this model to be powered by a Jetmaster unit.


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