Full size printed plan Scale JAGUAR SS‑I00 SPORTS CAR not a beginner’s project as it is quite detailed


Full size printed plan and article

No material, Plans only



If your hobby is modeling cars of yesteryear, you'll be eager to add this sleek little prototype of the Jaguar line to your prize collection of scale‑model beauties

This is not a beginner’s project as it is quite detailed

Full Size plan on a 24" x 12" sheet 32lb bond

Eight pages of building notes and photos

Length 10”

Has separate Frame and Body See listing photos

By Carroll Wilke

REPRODUCED TO A scale of 3/4 in. to the foot, the detail in this famous little foreign car is faithfully retained from its realistic instrument panel down to its flashy wire wheels. The chassis pictured below and detailed in Fig. 3, is made entirely from of wire, tubing, bar and sheet stock. Your first step is to make a full‑size paper pattern of the plan and profile views of the chassis given in Fig. 3. This will allow you to assemble the various parts directly on top of the pattern and to take measurements from the pattern itself. The side rails, 91/4 in. long, are cut from .053 sheet brass. After roughly cutting them to shape, clamp both together with two or three model maker's clamps,


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