Full size printed plan Martin Baker MB-5 Scale 1:20 Wingspan 21" Power Rubber


Full size printed plan and Building notes

Rubber Scale

Martin Baker MB-5

Full size plan Printed on a Sheet 21” x 30” 20 lb bond

Eight Page article of notes and photos

Scale 1:20

Wingspan 21"

Power Rubber

By Tom Arnold

  The outline is true to scale with the only deviations being airfoil, dihedral, and of course, propeller. The author is assuming that the builder has a few rubber scale models behind him and that he is looking for a sleek subject to give some competition to his cohorts at the fun flys and contests.

   It had to be the most undeserved hard luck story of aviation. The fourth of a short line of experimental fighters produced by the tiny English firm of Martin-Baker, the 6-ton prototype won high accolades from all who flew it. Powered by a 2.000 HP Napier Sabre engine turning a counter-rotating propeller, the corpulent fighter was good for 460 MPH at 20,000 feet and the controls were so exquisitely harmonized that pilots compared it to the highly esteemed Spitfire. With almost stubby wings and the long profile of a greyhound it appeared as more of a thoroughbred racer than a fighter. While the pilots praised its maneuverability the maintenance inspectors wrote glowing reports of its ease of maintenance and fine engineering. The landing gear system, engine installation, and armament were so well laid out that they were recommended for future aircraft of all manufacture.

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