Full Size Printed Plan P 38 F Lighting Scale 1/18 Wingspan 34 1/2" Power Twin Rub


Listing is for  Full Size Printed Plan and Article

P 38 F Lighting

Full size printed plan and article on a sheet 38" x 28"

Seven page article with building notes and photos

Scale 1/18

Wingspan 34 1/2"

Power Twin Rubber

Richard Falconer

I decided to build a rubber powered`Lightning'. Limited to a drawing in William Green's 'Famous Fighters of the Second World War' I bought an Airfix kit and scaled it up four times, hence the scale of 1:18... I chose the 'F' model because to me it's a better expression of the beautifully smooth streamlining of the 'Lightning'. In fact the beard radiators on the `J' are not rads at all but supercharger intercoolers, previous models relying on circulating the air up and down the 'dee' box of the leading edge.

Richard's well travelled original P38. Flight proven on many past occasions it has shown that this choice of model Is a very practical flyer.

The model is easy enough to build if one concentrates on absolute accuracy in assembly - start by building the wing - it's the easiest bit

Thank you for your interest Rose

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