Full size printed plan P 51 H Mustang Scale 1:20 Wingspan 22 ¾” Power Rubber


 Full size printed plan and Building notes

P 51 H Mustang

Full size printed plan on a sheet 32” x 24” 20 lb bond

Four page article with building notes and photos (not recommended for beginners)

Scale 1:20

Wingspan 22 ¾”

Power Rubber

By Lubomir Kontany,

   As a modeling subject this developmental end point of the Mustang righter series has distinct advantages over the P-5ID: a larger tail, a simplified undercarriage with smaller wheels, and a low-drag wing. An excellent model, the P-5IH has been flown successfully by many Czech modelers when the other '40-scale ships were confined to the model box due to bad winds.

Though it's not recommended for beginners, constructing this warbird won't be too difficult for those who have built a few Scale models. Choosing the right balsa (light but strong) and using a light glue will result in a flying weight not exceeding 50 grams.

   THE FINAL production variant of the legendary Mustang fighter, the P-5IH was also the fastest in this line of World War II aircraft. Although it came along too late to take part in European operations, a few did see action against Japan in the closing days of the war

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