Full size printed plan SABLATNIG SF -4 Scale 1:20 Wingspan 19” Power Rubber


Full size printed plan and Building notes


This fabulous triplane is bound to be a winner.

Full size printed plan on a sheet 31” x 21” 20lb bond

Four page article with building notes and photos

Scale 1:20

Wingspan 19”

Power Rubber

by Lubomir Koutny

   My 1 /20 th scale version was built originally for the Trnava WW1 competition in 1976. It won the competition and many others since, but the biggest satisfaction is the many pretty flights it has given me ROW (Rise Of Water) over Lake Brno. It flys ROW very well but does not like conditions to be too gusty.After 16 yrs of pleasure from the model I feel confident to offer it to Aeromodeller readers.

   Sablatnig had decided to produce this machine in triplane form to improve the rate of climb. Like the Fokker triplane, it had I-form interplane struts and ailerons fitted to all three wings. This particular machine, No 931 was powered by 150 h.p. Benz engine and had armament of only one Spandau machine gun. It was a superb seaplane and used by the German Navy for the defence of the seaplane base at Wardemunde.

Thank you for your interest Rose

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