Full Size Printed Plan Esso Honduras Tug 27 1/2" 1:24 scale for radio control



Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only
Esso Honduras
Tug Boat
Full Size Printed on a sheet 31” x 41”
Five Page Article and photos
Scale 1:24 This plan was enlarge to 271/2 from 24" to bring it to 1:24 scale
Length 27 1/2”
Beam 8 3/8”
Engine Steam or Electric
Suitable for small radio control
A replica of the "Esso Honduras" this model tug bow was designed to run on steam power but can also be made to operate on a battery powered motor.
By Walter A. Musciano
A steam engine has many advantages over other forms of power for model boats larger than twenty inches in length. A steam power plant is easy to start, economical to operate and practically noiseless. This should be well appreciated by the city model enthusiast who is prevented from operating internal combustion engine powered boats in park lakes because of the noise of the engine. The realism of the steam engine in replica freighters, tug boats, ferries, etc., cannot be duplicated with other forms of power.
The boat consists basically of two parts which can be separated for easy inspection.

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