Full Size Printed Plan A NEAR - SCALE HARBOUR TUG BUSTLER 18" L.O.A. Power Electric


Full Size Printed Plans

Not a Kit or Printed Plans

Vintage plan from 1955



Full size printed plan on a Sheet 38” x 24”

Three Pages of Building Notes & Photos

18" L.O.A.

Power Electric

May be Radio Controlled


Bustler an 18 in. model tug which lends itself well to an oil finish. Actually, of course, the average tug is a grimy little boat with a rather tarry finish, but we have seen new or re-fitted tugs in "showroom condition"

Bustler is based on the type of harbour tug seen at Southampton, etc., and is not a scale model of any specific vessel. Tugs always seem to be surging about with their chests stuck out, fussing and bossing all sizes of shipping, shoving here and hauling there, and rushing from one job to the next—we thought Bustler a very apt name!

Construction is on the horizontal bread-and-butter system and the hull planks are easily cut from two sheets of ½ in. x 3 in.

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