Full Size Printed Plan Scale 1:12 Suitable for Radio Control "SHRIMP TRAWLER"


Full Size Printed Plan & Article

No material plans only

Full Size printed plan on two sheets 40” x 28”

Three Page article

Note: for experienced builders no building instructions

Scale 1:12

Length 36 1/2"

Power Electric

Suitable for Radio Control


The plans

   These are drawn to a scale of 1:12 which produces a handy sized model just over 36 1/2 inches long from the 36.5 feet long prototype. As can be seen on the lines plan on Sheet Two, the hull is formed from fairly free flowing lines without any significant changes of section. The transom stern conveniently obviates any constructional problems with sharp curves and changes of section associated with a cruiser stern. The projected diagonal drawn through the turn of the bilge also shows a fairly fair curve throughout its length without any slight distortion nearing the after end as is sometimes seen on a transom sterned boat.

This prototype

   The actual designed prototype was proposed for operation as a shrimp trawler to supply the developing freezing and canning plants in Kerala, India. in 1959 and 1960.

Whilst this plan represents such a boat rigged as a shrimp trawler, the rig could easily be modified to represent another mode of fishing and the position of the trawl winch and towing gallows is equally suitable for another type of trawl fishing.

If rigged as a trawler, then the towing lights on the mast should be green over white. but if seining, then red over white.

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