Full Size Printed Plan Scale 1:48 Whale Catcher The “Hav” Suitable for R/C


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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The “Hav” Whale Catcher

Full size printed drawings on 44” x 36” sheet

Eight page article with building notes

Scale ¼ = 1 foot

Length 31”

Beam 6”

Suitable for Radio Control

History of Whales and Whaling

   There is one very attractive prototype for which there is a shortage of drawings for model makers - the whale catcher or chaser which pursues the whale

   The Hav, which is the subject of our plan was built in 1931 for the Polhavet Whaling Co., and later transferred to the Sevilla Whaling Co., both companies being part of the group owned by Salvesen of Leith, a company heavily involved in the whaling industry at that time. After her war service she changed hands and was eventually broken up in 1969. Her registered dimensions were 116ft x 23.8ft x 13.2ft with a gross tonnage of 249 tons. At1in=1ft the dimensions of the model will be 31in long x 6in beam and on her normal draught the model will weigh about 71b.

As the whale catcher is such a specialised craft it will not be out of place to comment on some of the fittings. On the bow platform is the harpoon gun and below the muzzle is a tray on which the foregoer of 41/2 in Italian hemp lies coiled. To this is attached a 6~in manila line which passes over the bow sheave, under the deck lead pulley,……  


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