Full Size Printed plan to build 1:50 scale R/C Dutch harbour tug SMIT NEDERLAND


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FULL SIZE Printed Plan on Two SHEETS 34” x 24” and 24” x 12”



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Scale 1:50

Length O/A.: 22.3/8 ins (594mm.)

Beam 0/A 7 ins.

Displacement: 6 ¼ lbs.

by David Metcalf

This class of Harbour/Coastal tugs are all owned by Smit,International, and as their class definition would suggest they are used basically for harbour and coastal areas, however when one considers that the harbour they operate in is the Rotterdam docks network, one can see that there is enough work to keep them busy without venturing too far out to sea.

In the class there are many too choose from for a name for your model, incuding. Smit Rusland, Smit Fialand, Smit Irland, Smit Danmark, Smit Sueland and Smit England of course.

The Concept

The idea behind this set of plans was to produce as good a set of drawings as possible from the details that we had available, these being very comprehensive,

This gives us a very nice little model. I know some of you may be a bit worried about the displacement figure, but needlessly as I had to put in over a pound and a quarter of ballast when the model was completed.

Now before we start the model a couple of quick lines. I have not set out‑to produce a super detail exact scale model. I have tried to build a reasonable scale‑like model

Thank you for looking Rose

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