Full Size Printed Plans Scale 1/48 Dutch ocean-going tugs Gelderland Suitable for Radio Control


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Full Size printed plan on a two sheets 42” x 36”

Two page article

No Building Notes

Scale 1/4=1ft (1/48)

Length 39"

Beam 7 1/2"

Power Electric or Steam

Suitable for Radio Control


The Gelderland and the Brabant were built in 1921 by Jonker and Stans at a time when the firm of Bureau Wijsmuller were at their peak. These were the most powerful tugs yet built for the company. Their registered dimensions were 144.9 ft. by 27.3 ft. by 13.4 ft., with a gross tonnage of 449 tons. Not long after their entry into the fleet Bureau Wijsmuller 'fell on hard times' and perforce had to sell off some of the fleet. These two tugs were sold to L. Smit & Co's International Sleepdienst in 1927, being renamed Java Zee and Indus, respectively. The Java Zee was sold to the Russians in 1934 and the Indus was lost during World War II. The plan is drawn to a scale of 1/4 in. = 1ft., and gives a model with a length of 39 inches and a beam of 7 1/2 inches. The displacement should be about 17 1/2 lb. on a draught of 3.1 inch. This model shows the short well deck which, for many years, was the characteristic of the Dutch ocean-going tugs. For some reason the Dutch have always favoured towing bitts instead of a towing hook, and even their modern tugs have still got the towing bitts as well as the towing winch

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