Full size Printed Plans Scale 1:48 TUG L 35-3/4" for Radio Control


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Full size printed plans on two sheets 48"x 24" and 38" x 24" 20lb bond

Nine page article with description, photos and colour chart

Scale  1:48 1/4"=1ft

Length 35 3/4"

Beam 8 1/4"

Suitable for Radio Control


    The Metinda III was 143 ft. 2 in. long x 33 ft. moulded breadth with a draught of 17 ft. 21/2 in. At a scale of 1/4 in. = 1 ft. the model will be 35 3/4 in. long x 8 1/4 in. beam and at her fully loaded draught will weigh 19+ lb. The propeller is 23/4 in. dia. and is four-bladed. Although the Metinda III is shown in the plan, reference to photographs will enable modellers to make models of the other boats

   In 1946 the Empire Jean was purchased by Metal Industries (Salvage) Ltd. who also owned the Salveda and the Bustler. She was renamed Metinda III and was put on station in the area of Scapa Flow to deal with the numerous shipping casualties which occurred in the stormy and treacherous waters off the Scottish coast. She was regularly called on to assist vessels with engines broken down, to stand by wood boats whose deck cargo had shifted, trawlers in difficulty in heavy weather, and the occasional stranding. In time, however, the numbers of casualties dropped off and it became uneconomical to maintain a salvage vessel in the area. Finally in 1961 Metal Industries closed down their salvage operations and the fleet was dispersed. The Metinda III was sold to Spain and became the R.A.3.

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