Full size printed plan Landing Craft Mechanized Scale 1:16 L37 ½” B 10 ½” Suitable for radio control


Full size printed plan

Not a kit, model and no material

 Landing Craft Mechanized

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 52” x 36”

Four page article with description and photos

Note: no building notes for modelers with some experience

Not a difficult build

Scale 1:16 (3/4”=1ft)

Length 37 ½”

Beam 10 ½”

Suitable for radio control

By Phil Thomas

The plan shows one of the many versions of the LCM(3) or Higgins boat. You will find variations in the shape of the bulwarks, the position of the vents, the design and position of the ramp winch. In some photographs there is a large wire rope reel on the stern

Thank you for looking Rose

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