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Semi-Scale 1:48

Length 40 1/8”

Power Electric or gas

Suitable for Radio Control

by Herb LozierOne

   The model shown here is quite large -well over three feet in length. There's enough room for large electric motors, ample battery supply, as well as radio control equipment, if you are so inclined. The turtle deck can be arranged for removal providing access to the entire interior of the model.

   Of the oddest and most beauti­ful ships to ever grace our Navy was the 1898 torpedo boat. Little known to most model builders, or to most others for that matter, this boat is the direct forefather of the PT.

   Our model is sort of a composite of three boats. It mostly resembles the "Winslow" and the "Porter," but the pronounced turtle deck, stack arrangement and conning towers were also found on the "Cushing."

   Generally, the speed of these boats was in the range of- 22 to 27 knots per hour-mighty fast! Horsepower was around 1720 to 3200 in boats of 138 to 175 feet. This is something even by today's standards. Steam was used for power and the boats were made from steel.

It should be remembered that the Navy at the time of the Spanish-Amer­ican war helped to make the United States the world power she is today because of the actions at Manila and Santiago. This makes our model one of historic importance as well as a fine modelling subject.

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