Full Size Printed Plan Vintage 1958 Scale 1:240 Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. FORRESTAL what a model she makes!


Full Size Printed Plan and Article

Not a Kit or Material

Vintage 1958

FULL SIZE Printed Plans on two sheets 56" x 24" 20 lb bond

Eight page article with building notes and photos


Scale 1:240

Length 52”

Width 12.75”

Power Electric

Radio Control


   The original model was built with hull depth increased to accommodate a cut-down motorcycle 6-volt battery used for motor power. One Pittman 9002 motor drives' the model at a good clip. Two Pittman motors are shown on the plans; these make the model really move. There is ample room for radio control equipment in the hull. The original model had rudder control only. If two motors are used, dual rudders might also be installed for tight maneuvering.

   Ties class of carriers presents a staggering picture statistically. The Forrestal is 1039 feet long and flight deck is 252 feet wide, It is 48 feet longer than the biggest line, the Queen Elizabeth. The angled deck permits simultaneous launching and landing operations of more than 100 jet aircraft. Engines totaling over 200,000 horsepower can drive the big ship over 35 knots, faster than any major warship afloat‑ Crew complement is 3500 officers and men whose living space is air-conditioned and comfortable by any standards. Truly a remarkable fighting ship~ and what a model she makes!

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