Full Size Printed Plans Battleship Scale 1/240 L 35" Suitable for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plans with building Article



Full Size Printed Plans on a sheet 36” x 23”

Three page Article with building notes

Scale 1/240

Length 35 ½”

Beam 5 3/8” approx

Power Electric

Suitable for Radio Control


H.M.S. Rodney, along with H.M.S. Nelson, was completed in 1925 as a battleship carrying nine 16 in. guns. The design is unique in that these guns were mounted in triple turrets, all on the fore-part of the ship, an idea intended originally to save weight on the ship. The secondary armament consists of twelve 6 in. guns in twin turrets. These two ships were originally designed as much larger battleships but were cut down by the Washington Treaty of 1921, and are therefore sometimes referred to as the Cherry Tree Class.

One of my chief reasons for building the model was the unique layout of the superstructure; the model is built to a scale of approximately 20 ft. to one inch, giving an overall length of 35 ½ in. The ship has a completely flat keel and there is little flare at the bows, and no sheer at all; the method of building is block bow and stern with ply sides. Apart from two strengthening cross beams, the whole of the inside of the hull is available from bow block to stern. The desks are made from mahogany ply, which is not very expensive and the superstructure from 1/16 in. ply

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