Full Size Printed Plans with Article US Vietnam craft Armoured Troop Carrier Helicopter


Full Size Printed Plans with Article



One Full Size Printed on a sheet 38” x 24” Plans are Black and White

Fourteen Page Article description and building notes Photos

Semi scale 1:48

Length 15”

Beam 4 ½”

Power Electric

Radio Control or free running

GLYNN GUEST offers full-size plans for an unusual R/C model based on a US Vietnam craft Armoured Troop Carrier Helicopter

Necessity is often quoted as the mother of invention but, in my modelling activities it is more like "desperation is the source of inspiration". In this case a regatta was less than two weeks away and I really needed a new model. A quick search through my "ideas file" and nothing looked remotely suitable until a sketch of an ATCH was uncovered.

   During the Vietnam War most U.S. river assault craft were based on modified landing craft with armour and guns added. The value of helicopters was quickly recognised and the ATCH was produced to offer support as close to the front line as possible. A large landing pad was built over the forward part of thecraft which could accept light helicopters. Had I not seen photographs of this scheme in Lt. Col. Victor Croizat's book, "The Brown Water Navy" published by Blandford Press 1984, then I might have thought it was a joke. The sight of a helicopter balancing on top of a small landing craft made it a must for a future modelling project.

   My copy of this book was bought in a discount bookshop some four to five years ago. An outline of a model ATCH was quickly sketched out and I resolved to build the model as soon as a suitable model helicopter kit was purchased. Therein lay the rub, many kits were available in 1:72 scale but would have resulted in a tiny model only 250 mm (10inches) long. This is practicable with micro radio gear, possibly using converted servos to act as drive motors, but not suitable for anything but the calmest of conditions! The larger kits tended to be 1:32 scale which made the model just a little larger than I wanted, shades of Goldilocks and the three bears here.

   The ideal scale was 1:48 but at the time no helicopter kit could be found so the ATCH plan lay dormant. About 12 months ago I was browsing in a model shop whilst my wife had disappeared on her own shopping mission, not consciously looking for a helicopter kit but a 1:48 scale "Huey Cobra" appeared before my eyes. This kit was purchased although I had always considered that the Bell UH-1C "Huey" would be more appropriate. Before the model could be started we took off on a holiday to California where I found, yes that's right! a Monogram 1:48 kit of the Bell "Huey". This kit was promptly purchased and carefully carried back in the hand luggage for safety After building the ATCH model another Monogram "Huey" kit was found in a local toyshop so you might not have to travel several thousand

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