Model Boat Full Size Printed Plans 1:32 Scale 43" Fairmile D Rescue Ship for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plans Not a KIT or MODEL

Fairmile D Design

Scale 1/32

Length 43 1/8"

Power 4 Mabuchi 385 motors driven by five 1.2 volt 7AH nicads

Radio Control

Full Size Printed Plan on a Sheet 45" x 32"

Eight Page Article with notes and photos

Describes his 1/32 scale Fairmile

This model started off with John Lambert's book on the Fairmile D, at the time thinking of building such a boat. Initially I drew up a rough outline to 1/32 scale, then, satisfied with the size, drew up a working plan based on an RAF Long Range Rescue Launch from March 1945.

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