Full size printed Scale 1:24 U.S. Army Half-Track simple wooden model It's easy to build


Full size printed and article

No material, Plans only

U.S. Army Half-Track

A simple wooden models of famous mechanized military equipment of World War IL It's easy to build and will help round out your model collection.

Full Size plan on a 11" x 17" sheet  32lb bond

Three pages of building notes, illustrations and photos

Display or Toy

solid wood construction

Scale 1:24 (1/2" = 1ft)

Length 10 1/8"

Width 4 1/8"

Military jack-of-all-trades, the half-track has given a good account of itself in every theatre of war in which it has been engaged.

by Hi Sibley

   THE sturdy half-track motor vehicle, which can be adapted to many military uses, even to mounting a destructive 75 mm. cannon, is presented here in a modified form—adapted to easy construction and devoid of those tricky and tedious items necessary to an actual scale model. The novice should have no headaches in building this addition to his collection.

   Four views, to scale, are shown in Fig. 1 and you will observe that the track assembly is much lighter than that of a tank, even a light tank. The entire job, however, is  armored all over, the armor in this case being white pine painted olive drab. A shovel and pick are strapped to one side of the driver's compartment, a hatchet and an axe on the other and a crow-bar on the rear.

Thank you for looking Jim & Gin

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