Printed Plans A FRAME PLAYHOUSE Overall Length 10’ Width 8’ Height 10’ Deck 69” x 39”


Printed Plans                          

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One cover page and One page article

Three sheets 11” x 17” of drawings includes material list

Overall Length 10’

Width 8’

Height 10’

Deck 69” x 39”

The striking graciousness of this A-frame playhouse is enhanced by the beauty and ruggedness of the redwood used in building it

A FRAME structures have proven amazingly versatile and adaptable. Easy to erect, Jaw in price and architecturally harmonious in any natural environ­ment, they are being used today by millions of Americans for ski lodges, mountain retreats, summer cottages, lakeside cabin and "second home Smaller versions of the A-frame have won acceptance as guest houses. hunters' shacks and tool sheds. And now-along comes the A-Frame Playhouse for your children.

The A-frame design thanks to its stability and simplicity is ideally suited for a playhouse. With the exception of the plywood floor, the house is built entirely of redwood. Depending on your experience, the A-Frame· Playhouse can be built over a period of two to eight weekends. Complete plans for building the house are on the following three pages. How the interior is finished will be up to you. The outside ladder leading to the "observation platform" can be omitted if desired. You also have the option of adding a window on-the left side of the house. If you're thinking of using the house yourself as an occasional winter retreat, it's a simple matter to add a small kerosene heater, venting it out through the roof.

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