aircraft carrier Scale 1:320 40" U.S.S. Kennedy full size printed plan and article for radio control


listing is for Full Size Printed Plans and Article
Scale 1/320
Length 40”
Beam 10”
Four Engine Electric Motors
Radio Control
Full Size Printed Plan on Two SHEET 42” x 30”
Eight page article Building Notes, Photos (not all shown)
By Walter Musciano
  Our model passes by at top speed. The four propellers provide plenty of realistic wake as they push the sleek hull through the water. Model runs at a speed comparable to that of a very fast walk. Hull is deep in the water like the full size ship and doesn't bob like a cork. Instead, it knifes through the water like the real thing.
   Model building begins with the hull which uses the bread-and-butter or laminated type of deck construction. This has the advantages of performing the hull exterior once the layers have been assembled and provides a well shaped hollow interior that hardly even needs a sandpapering. To conserve plan space, only one half of each layer is shown because both sides of the hull are identical and the two halves should be cemented together before the final hull assembly. In fact, to conserve your 1/2-inch balsa it is advisable to use the scraps left over from cutting out the previous layer to help construct 'the next layer.

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