Full Size prinrted Plan to Build a 1:16 Scale Bering Motor Yacht 41" suitable for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


Full size plan printed on two sheets 46” x 32”

Five page article with photos

NOTE: there is NO building notes Suggest builder with some experience

Scale 1:16

Length 41 ¼” 

Beam 13”

Power suggest electric

Suitable for radio

The single chine hull should be quite easily built, the only possible difficulty being forming the bulbous bow if a planked model and my advice is as always, to add this as a solid carving after building the hull and then blending in with the aid of filler to achieve the final shape.

   The founder of Bering Yachts was Alexey Mikhaylov, who together with a partner in Russia, started shipbuilding there when in his early twenties and they rebuilt an abandoned 136ft ship. He then moved to North Carolina and established an export business to China. With retirement beckoning he started searching for a suitable yacht for lengthy passage making and world exploration. This led to the establishment of Bering

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