Build a 1:16 scale one‑man German tugboat Full size printed plans and building notes


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This small, one‑man German tugboat is an excellent scale project for both the beginner and the experienced modeler.

Full Size printed plans on a sheet 50" x 36" 20lb bond

Sixteen page article with building instructions and photos

Scale 1:16

Length 26”

Beam 10”

Power Electric

Suitable for radio control

by Gerald Julian

Hull Construction

The Misuri features all‑plywood construction and follows the practices of full boat construction techniques. I chose to use 1/8" plywood for the main construction and the material on hand was 1/8" birch two sides door skin plywood.

     "Push‑towing on German inland waterways has produced several successful dens of small push boats for the handling barges in narrow and shallow waterys. This boat, operated by one man can built for a very reasonable price and can be very useful for shuttling of barges, for assistance in the breaking up of large barge trains, and as an all‑purpose utility boat for dredging and building activities. The rudder and nozzle are protected by large and sturdy guards. The air cooled engine which is very accessible for maintenance and single ­handed operation, gives reason to compare this "lighter dozer" with the tractor used for handling containers in the container storage areas."

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