Build a 1:16 scale Thames Tender for R/C Full Size printed plans


Full Size Printed Plans  and Article

Reproduced vintage plans from 1961


Thames Tender

Full Size Printed on a sheet 29” x 22” 

Seven Page Article and photos

Scale 1/16

Length 21 “

Beam6 ¼”

Power Electric or Gas

Radio Control

By Arthur O. Pollard

Building the model Olan

A convenient size for a "kitchen table" project, Olan can be constructed either as multi-chine (by the experienced modeller) or as a simpler single chine hull, denoted by dashed lines on the plan. Balsa could be considered as a material, but in preference hardwood resin bonded ply is advised, especially in the case of diesel propulsion. Most modellers have their own construction methods,

The working model plans by the author show the very latest watermen's boat to be put into service on London River. Multi-chine, and built of steel the Olan. is extremely versatile, but particularly suit­able for working as a tender. She very soon proved her sea-worthiness, for, with the author aboard, a heavy swell was encountered during a three-hour trial in the lower reaches, but the boat showed ex­cellent stability. A rather unique feature in Olan is the towing post or bit! hitherto unknown in these boats. Olan was built by Messrs. Marine Welding and Construction Co. Ltd., Erith, Kent, for her owner, T. G. Watkins, of Gravesend, who must be very proud of his smart craft, the newness of which has not worn off since her launching in May of this year. Just on 28 ft. in length O.A., power for the boat is supplied by a Petters three cylinder 30 h.p. diesel, with a small salvage pump incorporated, giving her a good turn of speed, and ample power

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