Full Size Printed Plan to Build a 1:20 Scale CHRIS CRAFT COMMANDER for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


Full Size Printed Plan on a Sheet 36” x 30”

Two page article includes Notes & Photos

Scale 1:20

Length 21/1/2 “

Beam 6 3/4”

Power .049 or Electric

Suitable for Small Radio Control


THE racy modern lines of the world renowned Chris-Craft motor boats make them most attractive prototypes for the model maker. The 1954 Chris-Craft range lists some thirty-five different designs and for a typical model we have selected the 36 ft. Commander with its spacious one-level cockpit and bridge sheltering hard top. For model purposes the overall depth of the hull has been decreased slightly below the waterline to reduce the windage effect on stability, a scale hull invari­ably having to battle against out-of-scale winds during normal operation. Superstructure Iines have been retained to exact scale and there is ample room in the completed cockpit to install almost any type of power plant. For compactness and simplicity an electric motor can be used, but .the boat lends itself well to the new Marine Dart or Ripmax-converted Mills .75, details for both of which are shown on the plan. Hull construction has been simplified as far as possible, making extensive use of easy-to-work (and lightweight) balsa ..

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