Build a 1:40 Scale Royal Danish Navy as fishery protection cutters Full Size Printed Plans


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Not a KIT or MODEL

Note: that these detailed plans are drawn for the experienced model maker


Full size plan prints on two sheets 31” x 23”

Four page article with description and photos

Scale 1:40

Length 30 3/4”   

Beam 7 1/2”


The plans

  The hull should be relatively straightforward to construct, as the lines are fairly free flowing with no sharp curves as evidenced by the lines plan. You will notice the steeply sloping modified ice breaker bow and the protective projecting ice knife at the stern.

   HDMS Agdlek (Long-tailed Duck) Y386 was the lead ship of the class, the others being HDMS Agpa Y387 (Thick-billed Murre) and HDMS Tulugaq Y388 (Winter Raven). These three vessels were delivered to the Royal Danish Navy as fishery protection cutters, each with a welded steel ice strengthened trawler style hull and were intended to carry out surveying and other patrol duties as required. Usually two were on duty off Greenland and also assisted the Faeroe Islands Coast Guard Service. The third vessel would normally be in passage to and from their operating area and/or in minor refit. At the end of their service careers, they were replaced by the much larger 1720 tons displacement Knud Rasmussen class of vessel.

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