Full Size Printed plans to Build a 1:40 scale WW II T.I.D. tug suitable for R/C


THIS is for Full Size Printed PLANS

Not for a KIT or Model


Full size printed plan on a sheet 33” x 24”

Seven page article with building notes and photos

Scale 1:40

Length 20”

Beam 5 1/8”

Power Electric

Suitable for radio Control

By Vic Smeed

 It is, of course, a representation of a T.I.D. tug, the small World War 2 utility craft designed to be welded up in sections which could then be brought together by lorry etc., for final assembly at the waterside. It is believed that about 86 were built altogether, and there are two basic versions, one with an open bridge and the other a closed wheelhouse, the latter often being a conversion when the tugs were sold to civilian firms after the war. Since Phil Thomas wrote an article in Model Boats around ten years ago there have been frequent references and some excellent models have been built from his drawings.

This model, Tiddler, is very much smaller though still plenty large enough for radio control. It is generally accurate to scale except for the wood thicknesses above the deck level;

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