Build a 1/8 Scale R/C Glen-L Sport Fisherman Full size printed plans & building article


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R/C Glen-L Sport Fisherman

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 48” x 33” 20lb bond

Seven page article with building notes and photos

Scale 1:8

Length 39”

Beam 15”

Power Electric

Radio Control

by Jerry Dunlap

Stylish lines and simple construction make a fun boating project


The hull is constructed upside down like most full-size plywood boats. To do this, it is necessary to obtain a rather large, flat building surface. The building surface should be at least 12"x40". Small angle braces, obtained at a hardware store, are used to hold the frames in position while the framework is being jigged

   Glen L. Witt is one of the best known small boat architects. He designs boats that can be built from plywood with a mini­mum amount of building experience, and for many years, his designs have been among the most popular boats built by the amateur boat builder.

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