Build a 34" Sailboat for beginners Full Size Printed Plan and Building article


Full Size Printed Plan and building article

No material

vintage plan from 1967 


Sailboat for beginners

Full size printed plan on a sheet 35" x 24" 20lb bond material list on plan

Thirty one page article (Not all shown) on construction with photos and illustrations

0.A. 34"

L.W.L. 29.2" 

BEAM  11"    

DISP.  10.7 LBS      

LEAD  5.0


You may update to newer radio control equipment 

Vic Smeed

   It should be mentioned that the model as equally suitable for free sailing, with, naturally, an increase in the lead weight, and details of the necessary differences in fittings etc. will be given in due course.

For simplicity, cheapness, and speed of construction a hard chine boat was an obvious choice, with a symmetrical bulb keel to reduce the bother of casting lead to a minimum.

   The method of construction may not be entirely orthodox for a yacht, but it is straightforward and simple. We have incorporated a simple cabin, the purposes of which are to enhance appearance and to raise the hatch well above deck level; there is also the rather cunning support for the sheet lead eyes, which turn the sheets through less than right-angles and keep them as short as possible. The boat looks well without the cabin, so that it can be classed as an optional extra.

Limited quantity

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