Build a .40-size deep vee boat of easy wood construction Full Size Printed Plan & Article


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Here is a .40-size deep vee boat of easy wood construction.

Full Size Printed Plan 36" x 28"

Seven pages of building notes and photos

Length 32"

Beam 11"

Engine .29 to .40

by Jerry Dunlap

Like many other modelers who have taken the time to design and build an original model, I had a few basic concepts that were intended to be part of this boat. The basic premise of the EZ-Vee was an attempt to provide a boat that would be easy to build, rugged and resemble a real boat. Good handling and maneuverability were also considered desirable. Least important of the priorities was high speed potential. The boat is intended to provide new model boaters an alternative to purchasing a fiberglass model or a wooden kit. It features the easiest construction methods the author knows after building many R/C boats. The EZ-Vee was primarily intended to be a sport design that could be used in heat racing. enduros and deepvee races like the Hennessy Cup events.

The runabout configuration was chosen since it is simpler to build and offers greater room for accessibility to radio, engine and fuel installations. The boat could be easily modified to an offshore decked-over version to provide more protection while running in rough water. The original was built with a large compartment forward of the engine. A 20-ounce fuel tank can be fitted in this area to provide extended running time for endurance racing.

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