Full size printed plans to Build a Admiralty 90 Foot Motor Fishing Vessel


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

Admiralty 90 Foot Motor Fishing Vessel

Note: that these detailed plans are drawn for the experienced model maker

Full Size printed plan on two sheets 30” x 21” and 30” x 22” 20 lb bond

Eight page article with description and photos

Scale 1:40

Length 27 ½”

Beam 6”

Suggested power Electric

Suitable for Radio Control


Admiralty service demonstrates the variety of rigs and fittings which were typical of such craft being subject to numerous modifications and additions relevant to the station where they were based. Even the different builders had their own quirks and recognition points which allows the model builder a certain degree of leeway in detailing his model.

   The largest class was based on a design prepared as a drifter trawler by the well known fishing boat builders. Richards of Lowestoft. However, as their original design was for a steel vessel, the plans had to be revised to suit wooden construction and other specific Admiralty requirements. This yard carried out most of the preparation work for this large design of MFV. All the boats were built by a wide variety of establishments with no less than 78 yards being engaged on their construction in the UK. all round the coast and including many yacht and traditional fishing boat builders

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