Build a Big Semi-Scale 47" custom launch Badger for eadio control full size printed plans


Full Size Printed Plans with Article


Full Size Printed on two sheets 49” x 20”  20lb bond

Four page article with building notes and photos

Length 47"

Beam 13"

Electric motor

Suitable for multi channel radio control

by H. P. Moore

FIRST saw the original Badger while I was down in the south of England for a few days. She was nestling in a quiet corner of Southampton docks and, having long felt the urge to build something scalish ‑ something that I could pack a lot of detail into ‑ I simply couldn't resist making a few sketches there and then. It was love at first sight! I covered all the old envelopes I had about me at the time with drawings and, my enthusiasm fired, rushed home to start work.

Hull Construction

Badger's hull is built on the bread and butter principle in obechi ‑ the construction method is my own and I use it mainly because it is both simple and quick and saves a considerable amount of drawing board and marking out time. It is simply this; I take the planks and screw them together to form a block of suitable size to accommodate the maximum dimensions of the hull I desire. This block is then marked with the hull profile and cut to this line. The process is repeated for plan lines leaving just the rounding off and finishing to be carried out using templates cut from line drawings.

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