Build a Black MarauderMTB semi-scale 1:32 38" for R/C Full size printed plans


Full Size Printed Plans and Article

Black Marauder

Full Size Printed on a sheet 52” x 36” 

Three Page Article with Building notes and photos

Length 38 1/2 INCH

Power.15 CI to .92 CI or ELECTRIC MOTOR

A part from wanting to build an out of the rut model from the appearance point of view. it was also felt that it would be interesting to use electric power.


BLACK MARAUDER is a semi‑scale patrol boat of modern lines, designed and built as a change from the run‑of‑the‑mill cabin cruiser. Those familiar with plans in the A. P.S. range may well recognize a similarity in superstructure to the Brave class M.T.B., but here the similarity ends. In the model world there is a distinct trend towards beamier models with broader transoms, and following this trend, Black Marauder has a very different hull shape from Brave Borderer. Though only 21/2 in. longer, the transom width has been increased by 31/2 in. and the chines flattened considerably. These changes make it possible to fit a more powerful motor, and with care the hull is capable of taking a 15 c.c. power plant. With only a minor change to the height of the bridge floor and the shaft angle, the Gannet or Eljo O.H.V., or the Taplin 15 c.c. twin, could be fitted to give an exciting performance. At the other end of the scale, a 21/2 c.c. motor, such as the recently re‑introduced E.D. Racer, would be the smallest to give a reasonable speed. There is a large amount of spare room in the model. Allowing scope for training the gun and dropping depth charges or torpedo’s, it radio control is intended.

The hull of the prototype model is of an unusual form of construction. and was made by a fellow club member. It is made up of several laminations of thin veneer, shaped on a mould in a similar manner to the hot moulded hulls used by Fairey Marine Ltd. in their full‑size cabin cruisers. Other halls produced from the same mould have been Fitted with a variety of motors, including the Miles 10 c.c. glow, and have proved most stable at speed. Though this method of construction is unsuited to the one‑off modelier, a similar shape can be obtained with a conventional method as shown on the Plan.

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