Full size printed plans to Build a large 421/2" ocean-going tug steam or electric for R/C


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

Vintage plans from 1957


Full Size Printed Plan on two sheets 46" x 24"

Four page article of building notes and photos

Length 421/2"

Beam 8"

Power Steam or Electric

by P. L. Whittaker.

Construction is horizontal bread and butter, though planking would not present any undue difficulty

    With a total displacement of 23 lb. even a "heavy" builder should find himself with 11-12 lb. spare for motor installation and/or radio equipment. Space entirely clear beneath the removable deck Portions is roughly 30 x 6 x 5 in.-there is still space ahead and astern of this area-which offers room for the most advanced radio gear or a steam unit with a really useful size burner be a bit of an armful!

 THIS tug-no relation to the Admiralty salvage tug bearing the same name-was originally built 10 years ago, during a period of convalescence. It is not based on any particular prototype, but merely represents a typical example of the older type of large ocean-going tug and as such is narrower and deeper than more modern vessels. It is capable of taking electric power with as much radio equipment as anyone could desire, or it can be fitted (as was the original) with a steam unit-anything between 3/4 in. bore and stroke (single cylinder or equivalent twin) at from 30-50 p.s.i. being ideal.

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