Build a Liverpool type lifeboat, 35ft. 6in. o.a. and scaled to 3/4 in.=1ft Full Size Printed Plan


Not a Kit or Printed Plans

This listing is for Full Size Printed Plan

Vintage plan from 1955


Full Size Printed plan on a Sheet 48” x 30”

Four Pages of Building Notes


Scale ¾” = 1ft

Length 26 5/8”

Beam 7 ¾”

Power Electric

Suitable for Radio Control


ONE type of boat which anyone can identify is an R.N.L.I. lifeboat, and we certainly need not recount the story of these boats and the men who man them. Probably the most seaworthy craft afloat, and very attractive in their blue, white, and red colour-scheme, they form excellent subjects for modellers who like detail work, and we have for some time hoped to have the opportunity of including examples in our plans range.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution proved most co-operative when approached for assistance, with the result that this small Liverpool type lifeboat, 35ft. 6in. o.a. and scaled to 3/4 in.=1ft., Numbers of the Liverpool type boats are in service round the coast, and anyone who has seen these tiny craft must raise their hats to the crews who take them to sea. Science and experience have made them as safe as possible but it still takes tremendous courage to put out in a howling gale in what is hardly more than a proverbial cockleshell! The design features a very low beam/length ratio and flat, shallow sections weight is concentrated as low as possible and any spare space is occupied by buoyancy tanks, so that the boat stands every chance of righting itself if by any mischance it is capsized.

A glance at the lines shows immediately that "sea-kindliness" is a primary design objective, the boat being a combination of harmonious curves, which, while making a handsome and efficient craft, present the modeller with some intriguing problems.

It is not proposed to detail the building of the model fully, since only reasonably experienced modellers should undertake its construction, but the following comments will perhaps be of interest.

Planked balsa construction is shown on the plan, but sufficient information can be extracted from the drawing to enable the hull to be bread and buttered

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