Build a Scale 1/32 Length 24 3/4 in Inchcolm Cyde Puffer for R/C Full Size printed plan


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Inchcolm Cyde Puffer

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Full Size Printed Plan on a SHEET 40” x 30”

Four page article  Mostly history

Scale 1/32

Length 24 3/4 in

Beam 6 13/16 in



By P.N. Thomas 

The subject of the drawing is the lnchcolm, built in 1909 at Leith to the registered dimensions of 66.6 ft. x 18.3 Ft. x 10.0 ft. The drawing is to a scale of 3/8 in. = 1 ft., giving a model size of 24 3/4 in. x 6 13 /16 in. On a draught of 3 3/8 in. the model should displace about 14 lb but if it is lighter than this, it does not matter, as you can see from the photographs of the lightly laden puffer with her bows cocked up in the air. She is shown here with an open wheel in front of the bridge,

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