Full Size printed plan Build a Scale 1:48 herring drift net or white fish trawler


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Full Size printed plan on a sheet 30” x 27”

Three page article with description and photos

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Scale 1/48

Length 23”   

Beam 5”

Suitable for Radio Control

by J. A. Pottinger

The well-known shipbuilders at Lowestoft, Brooke Marine, introduced a larger type of dual-purpose boat, suitable for. This was somewhat similar to the Admiralty 90ft class of MFV, incorporating a number of features which were the result of advances made in the field of marine engineering.

The first of these boats was the Madame Prunier, and was launched at Lowestoft on November 15th 1947, but took the name Equity I, when entering service under the ownership of the Scottish Co-operative Society, and engaged in herring fishing around the UK coast, mainly based at Peterhead.

She returned to Lowestoft ownership around 1953, and reverted to her former name, later being sold to Dublin owners and taking the name Croidhthe AN Duin in 1961, still being listed in Lloyds Register in 1964 under the ownership of G. Doyle, but only being classed until March 1953. Any information as to her ultimate fate would be welcomed.

The keel, frames and planking were of English oak, using mainly galvanised iron fastenings, and the complete wheelhouse casing and galley was fabricated from aluminum plate with special zinc coating being applied where the alloy is in contact with other metals.

Construction of a model could either be of bread and butter method or plank-on-frame method, and there should be ample displacement to allow room for installation of power plant and realistic ballasting.

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