Build a Semi submersible Semi Scale 1/65 Length 46" Type IX U Boat Full size printed plan



Full Size Printed Plans

Type IX U Boat

Full Size Printed on a sheet 48” x 30”

Three Page article with building notes

Semi Scale 1/65

Length 46"

Beam 5 1/8"

for Radio Control

Semi submersible

by Pete Russell

Concerning the prototype, early efforts to find an attractive design to build to, all came up against a particularly ugly item—saddle tanks—until the Type IX U-Boat came up. This was apparently one of the first attempts to "clean up" the submarine. The first ones went into service early in the war, but it was the earlier type VII that was used most, particularly in the Atlantic. When the Germans extended their efforts to more remote waters, however, the long range and larger size of the IXs enabled them to work off the coast of South America, and even as far as the Indian Ocean. The Model here presented is based on photo graphs of U 532, which made several trips to the east

Construction of the model is the well-tried and completely satisfactory "bread-and-butter", using any convenient size of sheet balsa.

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