Build Vintage 1:12 Scale MISS BRITAIN III Hubert Scott-Paine With New Speed Boat Full Size Printed Plans


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Full size printed plan on a sheet 35” x 36” 20lb bond

Four page article with some building notes and Photos

Scale 1:12 (1”=1ft)

Length 24 ½”

Power Electric

Suitable for small Radio Control (no installation shown)

   Construction 1/8” x ¼” balsa frames, balsa keel stringers. Deck / hull skinned with .20 thou plastic card Cockpit / engine fairing balsa frame etc.

   The motor is a 540 size double wind 18 turn ballraced Trinity Speedworks, driving through an Olympus toothed belt 2.3/1 reduction unit. The solid steel shaft in a conventional tube runs back to the Propshop 35 mm diameter by 49 mm pitch prop.

   The team sailed for America in August 1933 and the contest was held on the St. Clair River at Algonac, Michigan on 4 September. The David and Goliath contest was very closely fought but Gar Wood managed to win by a small margin - average speed 86.937 mph against 85.789. Scott-Paine returned to Britain to a hero's welcome.

   Following a fire on board which was quickly put out and the boat repaired, a record breaking attempt was made on 16 November 1933 on Southampton Water. Scott-Paine and Gordon Thomas became the first men to travel at over 100 mph in a single-engined boat, and this record remained for 50 years.

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