Digital Drawings on a CD Scale 1:72 TORPEDO BOAT, DESTROYER Suitable for Radio Control


Digital Drawings on a CD

Not a printed plan and no material supplied

 Reproduced Vintage Plan From 1967

TORPEDO BOAT, DESTROYER                                                     

Digital Full size plans prints on two sheets 35" x 28 and 35" x 24"

Digital Four Pages of notes and photos

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 Scale 1:72 1" = 6ft

Length 33"

Power Electric

Suitable for Radio Control

by L. R Armstrong.

The Model

   The terms of reference were to design a model incorporating the spirit of these craft-able to !ook and behave in a realistic manner on the water, and yet be reasonably rugged and not too tricky to build, to run straight, and be suitable for radio control.

The engine room and boiler rooms are covered by a raised casing which is removable, giving good access to the interior.

   THESE ships were originally built specifically to hunt down and destroy enemy torpedo boats. They were not thought of, at first, as 'being capable of really becoming 'part of a Battle Fleet.

The men who manned them, however, were of that happy breed which manned the frigates of Nelson's day-full of dash, daring and tenacious to the utmost degree-as was to be proved over and over again in the two World Wars yet to come.

They therefore set about making -it very clear to the Admirals of the day that they were capable of working in a much wider field of operations than was originally envisaged-many a heavy cruiser and battleship was to be brought to bay, and severely mauled by these craft-and what was important at this early date, they showed while on exercises with the Fleet that they had this damaging potential even at this early period. Anyone who has ever seen a destroyer knifing her way through seas, to press home an attack-vibrating like a living thing from stem to stern-never forgets the sight, even in times of peace.

The armament of these early boats however, was geared to their avowed purpose, to sink the unarmoured torpedo boat; thus we have only two torpedo tubes intended only to enable her to take a s'de swipe at any heavy ship that should come on the scene, while the torpedo boat was being sunk by gunfire. Also, of course, the destroyer's best work was supposed to be done at night under cover of darkness

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