Digital full size plans on Cd Scale 1/144 H.M.S. EXETER York-class heavy cruiser Suitable for Radio Control


Digital full size plans on Cd

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York-class heavy cruiser

Digital full size plan Prints on a Sheet 54” x 36”

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Scale 1/144

Length 48”

Beam 4 5/8”

Power Electric

Suitable for Radio Control

BY David Metcalf

 The plan is drawn as after her refit following the battle of the River Plate. If a working model is to be constructed then the draught should be increased by at least ½” to give a larger displacement and stability. The hull could best be constructed of ½ in sheet balsa on the bread and butter principle, the superstructure from plasticard for lightness, and fittings and details from scraps of balsa and wire

  The Exeter was laid down in 1928 at Devonport dockyard and was launched in February 1929 and completed in July 1931. She served until World War 2 at various stations.

At the outbreak of hostilities she was flagship under Commodore Henry Harwood of Force G in the South Atlantic, where at dawn on 13th December, 1939, in company with HMNZS Achilles and Ajax she fought the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee in the battle of the River Plate. She was badly damaged in this action, sustaining 84 casualties. After temporary repairs in the Falkland Isles she went to Devonport Dockyard where she was completely repaired and modernised. The biggest change was the fitting of twin 4in. mounts to replace the single mounts and the bridgework was enlarged.

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